Paradise Park

Santa’s Sweet Factory

November 24th - December 23rd

NEW DISPLAYS FOR 2018! Visit Santa in his sweet factory and discover an enchanting land where imagination comes to life. Make your way through the magical factory and encounter elves making sweets before meeting Santa himself and receiving a special gift. Entry is free with all paid Day Park Passes to the Paradise Park Attractions. Annual pass holders, those receiving reduced rate entry and all under 3’s (who enter the park for free) priced at £3.99 per child. No pre-booking available. Santa tickets will be issued on the day of your visit and you will be advised of the current waiting times. Opening dates and times: November 24th/25th 11:30 - 3:30pm November 28th - Late Night Extravaganza 4-8pm December 1st/2nd - 10:30-4:30pm December 8th/9th - 10:30-4:30pm December 15th/16th - 10:30-4:30pm December 20th/21st/22nd/23rd - 10:30-4:30pm