Paradise Park

Access For All

Paradise Park has been designed to maximise accessibility and extends a warm welcome to all.

Accessible Parking

Car parking is free with disabled parking and coach set-down point on flat tarmac ground close to the main entrance. The main entrance is directly off the car park and has a level approach.


A disabled toilet is located adjacent to the entrance.


Wheelchairs are available on request, subject to availability.


Clear signage is provided throughout the building to assist in finding the way and to provide information.

Lighting and Colour contrast

Lighting levels have been carefully designed to avoid causing glare and shadows though the shop. Some exhibition areas have atmospheric lighting but care has been made to ensure areas are not unnecessarily dark.

Shopping areas

Shopping areas are flat and level. Where stock is displayed at high level, staff are available to assist as required.


Wherever possible, pathways are flat and level and of adequate width for wheelchairs and buggies. Wheelchair access is available to the classroom. There are a number of resting places placed along the garden trail.

Planet Earth Museum

All areas are flat and level and of adequate width for wheelchairs and buggies.

Play Areas

Although disabled access to some play equipment can be restricted, consideration is given to ensure selected areas have been created that can be used by all.

First Aiders

We have trained staff who are qualified to administer first aid.